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The Secret to Being Brilliant

Life is not linear. Some days you are acing life - things go smoothly, relationships flow easily, and your ducks are all in a row. Other days - no such luck. Ducks everywhere, rough road, no flow. So what gives?

What is the secret to being that brilliant, optimum performing person every single day? Is there one sure-fire way to hack our ways into increased performance?

Well, according to Dr. Alan Watkins, there is. And this is either really good news or a really annoying reminder, because it all boils down to being aware of our feelings and emotions.

In this TED talk, you will learn about performance from an international recognized expert on leadership and human performance with a masters in Psychology and a PhD in immunology. He explains why we lose performance and how to get the results we want every day, in any aspect of our life (relationships, sex, business, anything).

Many times we focus on behavior (actions) towards improving results. We focus on our partner or child's behavior as a way to get them to change. But what is driving behavior? Is it our thoughts? Yes, but that's not the whole answer.

How you think is hugely influenced by how you feel. And how you feel, influences how you think. But more importantly, our feelings impact our thoughts. To change behavior, we must change our thoughts, but to change our thoughts, we must change how we feel. And yet, underneath feelings, there is something even deeper. It is our raw emotions. Yet, Dr. Alan Watkins will take it one step further, with the physiology, the stream of data that our body is constantly processing, round the clock, week in and week out, year after year, such as our heart beat.

This TED talk is short, funny, and refreshing look into why we buckle under pressure (or loose alllll our coping skills when triggered) and that, if we are able to objectively observe ourselves from within, and even begin to control our emotions and their impact on our thinking, we can ride the waves of life with far less drama. Or, as the speaker calls it, go from chaos to coherence.

I love the Brits! 😂 What did you take away from this video? What part stood out the most to you? Share in the comments below!

Wishing you more coherence and less variability as you go through your days!

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