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Guest Podcast Chat on Birth, Death, and Letting Go

The past weekend I had the pleasure of joining my dear friend Sean on his podcast, The Hue-Man Experience. We always have fantastic chats but this one really tops the lot. We shared about our lives since moving closer to nature, our challenging experiences with family members, and many different life lessons of of letting go and surrendering to trust.

What I really loved about our conversation was how safe it felt to share about vulnerable topics, such as death of loved ones and sibling estrangement, in a way that creates parables for how we aspire to live a life of meaning and connection. I walked away from this chat feeling inspired and humbled for this work as a doula. I'd love to hear what you take away from this chat.

Check out our convo below, and follow along on Sean's other life anecdotes on Substack @ Hue-Man.

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1 Comment

It is wonderful to get to know your intelligent and loving nature within the realm of this podcast. Thank you for your raw honesty and assessment of life forces both pleasant and destructive, also present within my life. Keep evolving and assisting our planet through your positive life force. Gratitude abounds Joanna xx

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