Hello, I'm Joanna

A caretaker, world traveler, a sound healer and a friend. I discovered my passion from an early age - helping mamas care for their babies and giving them relief for a few moments or a day. What looked like babysitting turned into Baby Whispering. There's been a fair share of Mama Whispering in there as well.

Bring Harmony Home began as a resource for families to feel empowered stepping into parenthood. Healthy children come from homes with love, joy, presence, balance, and clarity. I was raised in a home with conflict, stress and tension. As a small child, would have to go to extreme lengths to receive the connection that I deeply needed as a Highly Sensitive Child.


The one place that I truly felt peace was with music. I learned that with music, all emotions are not only welcome but celebrated. In college, I studied Ethnomusicology (the Impact of Music on Life) and would go on to study Sound Healing in India and then San Francisco. So many parts of myself that I had stuffed down or ignored came flooding back, and I witnessed a new version of myself emerging.

After seeing the impact of stress and conflict in my own family, and how common the experience was in other families, I began offering Sound Healing sessions to busy Moms. As more I studied stress, the more I saw the impact it has on families from the very start. I became a Birth and Postpartum Doula and would serve as a soothing support person for women in the most pivotal transformation of their lives - becoming a Mother.

Serving Moms one-on-one has now evolved into holding a container for an entire community of Mamas looking to Reclaim Sacred Motherhood. The word Sacred means "Holy, worthy of awe and respect" and that is exactly what becoming a Mother should be. But in order to understand this and receive this title fully, we have to allow Moms to access those parts of themselves they are stuffing down, ignoring, or simply unable to share with the world for fear of rejection or judgement.

I believe that when Mothers are revered and returned to the cornerstone of the community, the world will know peace. If you are planning to conceive, expecting, or a new mama, you are invited to join us to share your experience and let yourself receive the support and validation you deserve!

"When there's Light in the Spirit,

There is Beauty in the Person.

When there's Beauty in the Person,

There is Harmony in the Home.

When there's Harmony in the Home,

There is Honor in the Nation.

When there's Honor in the Nation,

There is Peace in the World."

Join us in creating this Peace in the World, by bringing Light to your Spirit.

We welcome ALL of you!

BS in Communication and Ethnomusicology, Univerisity of Maryland


Certificate in Sound Healing, Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute

Mindful Educators Essentials Training,

Mindful Schools

Spinning Babies Pelvic Alignment Techniques Certification

Joanna Sullivan


Joanna is a CLD/PP Doula, Sound Healer, Women's Health Advocate and Baby Whisperer. She believes in the importance of supporting new mothers for healthy babies, because mothering the new mother makes a lifetime of difference for the family and the world.

Birthing the New Humanity 2018 in Bangalore India Participant

Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula, Cornerstone Doula Trainings

Advanced Doula Training in Rebozo, Acupressure and Aromatherapy