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I'm Joanna

Nice to meet you!

I've worked with families as a nanny and birth doula for over 20 years and I love the early stages of families. It's a time when we see the real value of meaningful connection. It's my mission to help partners navigate the stress of challenging relations with connection practices and present moment awareness in my own fun and loving way, to get you out of your head and into your center.

Do you crave satisfying relationships?

Do you struggle with conflict in your relationships?

I did too. I longed for closeness but hated the frustration and disappointment that came with it. The more I leaned in, the more they backed away. And I always felt misunderstood. Until I started taking responsibility for my stuff. I started Owning It.

Owning It is a 5 week Cohort for Authentic Connection. We have 5 weeks of themed activities and writing prompts and a weekly zoom call where we practice deep listening and sharing vulnerably.

Click the button and let's get started.


choose  Progress  over perfection


From the Blog

I really trust Jo to be kind to us in the process, and she is a wonderful guide with a lot of wisdom to share (but not preachy!). The amount of thought and work she put into this whole process was clear, and it felt like she really and truly was invested in our healing.


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