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Owning It


Are you ready to break out of the usual arguments of blaming each other? Are you ready to take the next step to having deeper, more satisfying relationships? Owning It is a 5 week cohort where we start to get real and honest with our selves about patterns we make and stories we create in relationships. With weekly themes, accountability calls, and a workbook with prompts to keep you curious, you will emerge the other side with a deeper understanding of where you hold back and how you can drop into your self and speak from a place of integrity. Being fully honest is vulnerable, raw, and scary. That's why doing this together is so impactful. In this safe space you will meet the hurt parts with respect, care and compassion. You will also get to see others and practice listening to their deepest threads. Practicing this together will start to take your relationships take off to a whole new level of intimacy. Over 5 weeks we will journey through the phases of the day, which also correlate to a cardinal direction and Chinese element. We start in the darkness, move to sunrise, then midday, then sunset, and end integrating it into center, like a labyrinth or a spiral. You'll get: A workbook with themes and prompts Weekly Live Series will take place every Tuesday from July 26th - August 23th at 3pm EST for 90mins Group chat for shares and 1-on-1 feedback. Not sure if you're ready to commit? Drop a line and let's chat. I'm here for all of you and ready to meet you where you're at.

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