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Sep 12, 2022 - Oct 19, 2022

Owning It - The Next Cohort

  • 38Days
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For Trying and Expecting Partners and Parents of babies and toddlers, struggling with connection comes with an extra burden. More is at stake. Our children's brains are wired for safety, and when relationships are rocky, our kids develop differently. It takes communication, empathy, and self accountability to build trust in relationships. Only when we are taking full accountability for ourselves, can we then show up to the relationship with 100%. You are invited to join a cohort of folks who are ready to be present and share their presence with you, fully. This is an opportunity for just 5 weeks to slow down, make space for your feelings and be impacted by others. To get real with what's coming up, because we can only meet each other as deep as we've met ourselves. This cohort is one in a series of workshops for deeper and richer communication. It all starts here, with Owning It. There are 5 weekly zoom calls, a workbook to accompany your journey, and a group chat for connecting and sharing with each other what's coming up. With guided meditations, journal prompts, and authentic relating activities, we will get to the core of who we are and the stories we hold around relationships. We will practice deep listening and learn the vital skill of communicating with the intent to relate. I welcome you on this journey, wherever you are in your partnership or parenting journey. Because there is nothing more refreshing than radical authenticity.

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