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Birth is the most transformative experience in a woman's life. We live in a time where we see two models of birth experiences - One that belongs to an institution and one that belongs to the individual. Hiring a Doula can be one of the most important decisions to navigate these two systems. 


I'm Joanna. As a caretaker and a sound healer, becoming a Doula has been the greatest gift. With an emphasis on mindful awareness and quantum science, I weave together breath, sound, and awareness of thoughts in order to bring harmony into your home, helping families not just to survive, but to thrive.

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Birth services are subject to availability.


Before your due date, we will meet at least three times to discuss signposts and progression of labor, what to expect and how to manage. Together we set up a birth plan as well as prepare in advance for the postpartum period. Having peace of mind in a time of so much uncertainty will bring comfort and confidence in your journey from pregnancy to parenting.

Birth Doula Services


Prenatal Visits


Weeks of On Call


Hours of Laboring*


Postpartum Visits

*The entirety of your labor, from when you call to after you deliver


Get access to the resources and information to understand your options so you can make the most informed decisions for your family and your body.


Becoming a parent is a journey to continuously surrendering to the present moment. Cultivate inner balance through breath, sound, and awareness to develop a mindfulness practice for the road ahead.


A warm and pleasant environment is most conducive to a smooth labor. Let me hold your container so you can focus on your body and your baby.


Essential Oils are powerful allies in the birthing room. Depending on the moment, they can help soothe, invigorate, motivate, ground, or focus.


Touch is greater than pain. Acupressure, counter pressure, holds, massage, and rebozo are all tools that help you cope with the intense sensations of birth.


Controlling our thoughts with the use of breath, visualizations, and affirmations can make birth an empowered spiritual experience.


Finding the right angles and positions can make all the difference. Walking, dancing, and supported suspensions can assist baby in their journey to meeting you.


Getting support for your feeding, care taking, and maternal health needs is crucial once baby arrives. Allow mother to heal and families to bond with harmony and love.


"Joanna was my doula for the birth of my first child. All I can say is that she was AMAZING! She is very empathetic, calming, listens to your concerns, and tries to find a solution that is RIGHT FOR YOU. I couldn't have had the experience and unmedicated birth I had wanted without her."

Maria, SF


"Using massage rollers, counter pressure with a rebozo and music and dance, Joanna helped me achieve a mostly medical intervention free labor and delivery. This was a dream of mine and without Joanna's support I could not have achieved it. You may not think you need a doula but you will need Joanna! She is awesome!"

Cassandra, El Sobrante

Birth Packages

Customize for your ultimate Birth Experience 

Birth Doula

Birth + Postpartum 1

Birth + Postpartum 2

Birth + Postpartum 3

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